We have Robert Shawyer Director of Robert J Shawyer Limited who is a practising and/or panel registered Mediator, Conciliator, Adjudicator, sole Arbitrator, President Arbitrator in Arbitrator panel and DRB panel member. Robert receives appointments direct from Parties, from Solicitors, from professional bodies and bodies such as CIC, RIBA, RICS, CIOB, CIArb.

Robert has an extensive portfolio of appointments and has reported cases regularly sitting as Mediator, Adjudicator and sole Arbitrator. We can offer to you Robert Shawyer to sit as a tribunal/quasi tribunal or facilitator both within the United Kingdom and Internationally. A copy of Robert Shawyer’s profile can be found at the ‘About’ section of this website.

In the capacity of an ADR appointed tribunal/quasi tribunal or facilitator Robert Shawyer as dealt with matters such as valuation of works or services, programming, delays, disruption, damages, Direct and indirect Loss and Expense, negligence, breach of contract, shareholder agreements, maritime, boundary and land disputes, equine disputes, formation of Contract/Agreement, interpretation of terms, trespass, unjust enrichment, rectification and restitution remedies, defective works, design, Payer – Payless and Default Notices,  termination, repudiation, time bar, limitation, negligent misrepresentation, and changes/variation/compensation event valuation/assessment.