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Adjudication and the slip rule

NEC3 – Just what does 1 in 10 when considering weather events?

NEC3 – What does the definition of Completion actually say?

NEC3 – Understanding what is meant by the Contract Date?

NEC3 – Understanding the assessment of Compensation Events?

NEC3 and JCT Standard Forms of Contract – How many days in a week?

Mutual mistake

NEC3 – Negligent Misrepresentation and Site Information

NEC3 – Y(UK)1 – Compliant with the Amended Construction Act?

Arbitration – The procedure

Mediation – The procedure

Adjudication – The procedure

Payment – Payer Notices, Default Notices, Payless Notices – the Application effect!

NEC3 – Early Warning Notices – Compensation Notices and does the time bar really exist?

NEC3 – Final Payment

NEC3 – Design Liability and secondary Option x15

NEC3 – What is a Defect and can the Project Manager be liable?

Letters of Intent

Design Liability

The Lead Designer

The Dispute Review Board –v- the Dispute Adjudication Board

Who owns the float?

Repudiation – Acceptance or Waiver

Evidence – Real, Documentary, Hearsay

The slip rule – Arbitration

Arbitration – Preliminary Meetings

Arbitration – Dealing with costs

Adjudication – The Notice of Adjudication

Payment terms – Due Date pitfalls

NEC3  – Accepted Programmes

Termination – get it right

Liquidated Damages and Delay Damages

JCT – Relevant Events – Time

JCT – Relevant Events – Loss and Expense

Records – to evidence or to defeat a claim

Partial Possession – or is the Employer just enjoying the benefit of access?


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